Secure Encrypted Contact

If you work for ANY corrupt banking corporation or entity in the United Kingdom or Ireland which is actively involved in financial, criminal or immoral activity that causes human suffering or inhuman debt slavery to our society – and you have any sensitive / insider / whistleblower information regarding banking, legal or judicial corruption please contact me securely using the guides below.

Information will be treated with the highest confidentiality and will NOT be used unless the source of the information is guaranteed safety and anonymity.

Any viable information will either be acted upon or passed securely to those others who can action it safely.


Download the “Threema” app (£2.79) on smartphone app stores / playstore or go to this link to the Threema website

Create an account.

Message me securely at ID # 4U9KT58V.


Alternatively, create a free encrypted email account at this link to the 

Send me an email to
Do so ONLY from a account otherwise the encryption is lost.
Do NOT use from hotmail or gmail etc type accounts.